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Barbour, James

James Barbour served on the first Board of Trustess of Centre College from 1819 to 1827. Barbour was a native of Orange County, Virginia, and belonged to an old English family, long distinguished in the affairs of the Old Dominion; he came to Kentucky, and located in Danville in 1795; followed mercantile pursuits; entered the army as captain in the War of 1812, and was promoted major of what was known as Barbee's Regiment; was President of the branch Bank of Kentucky at Danville; was a Trustee and Treasurer of Centre College for many years. also a Trustee and Treasurer of the Kentucky Deaf and Dumb Asylum (Kentucky School for the Deaf), and otherwise on e of the most active and useful men of his day. He died in Danville in 1843.

Source: "James Barbour." The Biographical Encyclopaedia of Kentucky. Cincinnati, Ohio : J.M. Armstrong, 1878