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Lindsay Hughes Blanton

Rev. Lindsay Hughes Blanton was born in Cumberland County, Virginia, January 29, 1832, and died in Danville, Kentucky, September 17, 1914. He graduated from Hampden-Sydney College in 1853 and from Danville Theological Seminary in 1857. He was licensed by the Louisville Presbytery in 1857, and ordained by the West Lexington Presbytery in 1858. He served as pastor at Versailles, Kentucky, from 1857-1861; Salem, Virginia, 1861-1868; Chaplain in the Confederate Army, 1863-1864; and Paris, Kentucky, 1868-1880. In 1880 he became Chancellor of Central University in Richmond, Kentucky, and held that office until 1901 when Central University consolidated with Centre College. He then became Vice President of the new institution, and served until his retirement in 1907. Blanton also played a large role in the founding of the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Blanton was married twice, in 1857 to Elizabeth Irvine, and in 1904 to Myra Bracken.

Source: Sanders, Robert S. Presbyterianism in Paris and Bourbon County, Kentucky, 1786-1961. Louisville: Dunne Press, 1961.