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Central University of Kentucky (Danville, Ky.)

In 1901 Centre College and Central University were legally consolidated under the corporate name Central University of Kentucky. Located in Danville, the new institution was governed by a Board of Trustees composed of twenty-four members, one-half appointed by the Northern Synod of Kentucky, and the other half by the Southern Synod. The university was originally comprised of Centre College, the undergraduate college of arts and sciences; the Danville College of Law; the Kentucky Theological Seminary, located in Louisville; the Hospital College of Medicine, located in Louisville; and the Louisville College of Dentistry. It also included three collegiate institutes, or preparatory schools, located in Danville, Jackson, and Elizabethtown. Over the next decade and a half the affiliated schools either ceased to exist or were transferred to other controlling governing bodies. The Theological Seminary became part of today's Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary; the medical and dental would be incorporated into the University of Louisville; control of the collegiate institutes in Jackson and Elizabethtown was turned over to the Presbyterian Synod of Kentucky; the law school closed in 1911, and Centre's prep school in 1918. By 1918 all that remained of the Central University of Kentucky was Centre College. In that year the charter was admended, and the corporate name of the institution changed to Centre College of Kentucky.