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Centre College Charter (January 1824 Amendment)

An Act to amend the Act incorporating the Centre College of Kentucky at Danville

Approved, January 27, 1824.

WHEREAS, the present state of the Treasury of this Commonwealth, does not admit at this time, of any further appropriations for Literary purposes, and it is represented to the present General Assembly, that donations and probably bequests to a considerable amount can be obtained in aid of the fund of Centre College, by which the prosperity and usefulness of said institution will be much increased, provided the funds so obtained or procured can be secured and faithfully applied to meet the objects and wishes of the donors, under the control and management of the Board of Trustees of said College as at present organized: Therefore, Sec. l. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. That it shall and may be lawful for the Trustees of said College to receive, acquire, hold and procure from any individual or society, religious or otherwise, donations, gifts or bequests, of any sum or sums of money, Books, Charts, Maps, Philosophical apparatus, or estate of any kind, which shall be applied wholly and exclusively to the uses and purposes that may be specially designated by the donors respectively, or to the establishment and maintenance of one or more professorships of Theology or other professorships, to be separate and distinct from the internal concerns of said College:

Provided, That the present fundamental law of said college, which forbids doctrines peculiar to any one sect of Christians, to be taught by any professor in said College, shall remain unchanged and inviolate, except in the Theological department of which he is professor, whether he or they hold any other professorship in said College. Each and every department of Theology that may be established, shall remain, as to the internal concerns, separate and distinct from the Literary department, and shall at all times regulate their own affairs without interfering in any way with the bye-laws or statues of the College or of any department thereof, and the privilege is hereby reserved to each and every denomination of Christians, to establish a professorship of Theology in said College, they severally furnishing the funds necessary for its support.

Sec. 2. The funds or estate of any kind which may be obtained, received or procured by virtue of the first section of this Act, shall be by the said Trustees, at all times, appropriated and applied to the specific objects and purposes of the donors, should such a purpose be designated at the time of such gift, grant or devise, and should the funds or any part thereof, be diverted from the objects and purposes designated as aforesaid, without the consent first had and obtained of the donor or donors, or of his, her or their heirs or successors, the grant, gift or demise so misapplied, in part or in whole, shall revert and be re-vested in the donor, grantor or devisor, his, her or their heirs or successors, to be recovered by due course of law, or bill in equity. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to deprive the Trustees of the management and control of the affairs and concerns of the College, but as intended to guard against the abuse or misapplication of any funds that may be received or procured as aforesaid.

Sec.3. Said College shall at all times, be conducted upon liberal, free and enlightened principles, and no student shall be excluded in consequence of his religious opinions, or those of his parents, guardians or relatives.

Sec.4. Provided, That any donation made without a designation of any specific object, to which it shall be applied, it shall be devoted to the regular literary department.