Danville Female AcademyDanville Female Academy

The history of the Danville Female Academy is sketchy. Chartered in 1860, the school operated under the arm of the First Baptist Church of Danville. That same year the academy's trustees purchased the property and home of Dr. Thomas W. Jackson. Located on the site of today's Danville High School, this became the campus and building of the academy. Duncan H. Selph, church pastor, served as principal during the mid-1860's. Others included A.S. Worrell, Henry McDonald, and Herbert Davis. One member of the faculty was Lottie Moon, who served from 1866 until 1870. Moon would later gain fame for her missionary work in China. The willingness of the church to offer free education to the daughters of Baptist ministers created much financial uncertainty. In 1869 the school merged with Caldwell Institute, another women's college in Danville. The academy's campus would later be used by the Danville Classical and Military Institute. Following a devastating fire in 1873 that destroyed its building, Caldwell College purchased the building and grounds as its new home.

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