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Barnabas McHenry

Rev. Barnabas McHenry, clergyman, served on the first Board of Trustess of Centre College from 1819 to 1820. McHenry was born December 6, 1767, in North Carolina, but was raised and educated in Virginia; at an early age entered the Methodist Church, and began to preach at the age of nineteen in North Carolina; in 1788 he preached on the Lexington (Kentucky) Circuit; in the following year was on the Danville Circuit; during the next three years traveled on the Madison, Cumberland, and Salt River charges; engaged in teaching for several years at Frankfort, Danville, and Richmond; subsequently removed to his farm near Springfield; was afterwards engaged in the Salt River district; in 1821 had charge of Bardstown and Springfield Station; was superannuated in 1822; occupied a high place in the ministry of his Church; was exceedingly popular over the country; was a man of many admirable and attractive qualities; and was one of the most useful and valuable pioneer preachers of Kentucky; he died of cholera June 15, 1833; his wife and daughter dying of the same disease a few hours afterwards. Mr. McHenry was married to Sarah Hardin, daughter of Colonel John Hardin.

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