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Soccer, Women's

When the Centre College men's soccer team was approved for varisty status in 1972, it was agreed that it would be a coeducational team and include both men and women. Various members of the science faculty coached the team until 1986. No records were filed with rosters or othr information about the sport in the 1970's, so it is difficult to determine exactly how many women played on the team during its early years. Soon, however, there were enough women for a separate team. Instead of starting a women's varsity team, the soccer coaches formed a junior varsity team composed entirely of women. In the early 1980's, when another coach took over the program, he announced that there would no longer be a junior varsity team. When all the members of the junior varsity team were cut, they were informed that they could form a club if they wanted, but they were on their own. From that point until 1991, the women continued as an unrecognized and often unorganized club.

Women's soccer officially became a varsity sport in 1991. The team did not win a game the first season, and only one the second. The record from 1991 to 1994 was 13-49-2, but in 1995 Centre had its first winning season with a 15-5 record. The overall team record (through the 2005 season) is 107-120-13. Unlike other women's teams, with their succession of part-time coaches, the women's soccer team has only had three coaches in its short history, Jean Kiernan (1991-1992), Gina Nicoletti (1993-2003), and Jay Hoffman, (2004-present).

Source: Baird, Kitty Rogers. Women Athletes Blazing a Trail: a History of Women's Participation in Sport at a Small Liberal Arts College. (Centre College, 2001)