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Centre Dear (Alma Mater)
Sung for the first time by the Centre College chorus at a chapel program in 1942. The words were written by Rev. Elwood L. Haines of Christ Church Cathedral of Louisville. The music was composed by Professor Richard Warner, head of the college's music department.
Centre dear, we offer thee
Love profound and praises free.
Where thy walls of ivy rise
God unseals our blinded eyes.
Where thy tree-lined pathways lure
Friendships spring etrnal sure.
For thy gifts we offer thee,
Centre dear, our loyalty.
We thy sons and daughters, free
Through the truth revealed by thee,
Strong in resolution rise
To the future's enterprise.
Duty is our beacon pure,
Honor is our standard sure.
For thy gifts we offer thee,
Centre dear, our loyalty.
Olde Centre
Words written in 1908 by Phil Ryan, Centre College Class of 1910. Richard Warner composed an arrangement in 1944.
Olde Centre marches ever on,
On to vic'try and to glory.
Loud cheers ring out, huzzahs resound
To proclaim the same old story.
Ever bold, as of old, guad her honor;
On the field, never yield, win her fame.
For Centre, now be bold;
The Gold and White unfold.
Our heads we bare, our pledge we renew
Olde Centre, we'll be true.
The Gold and White (Fight song)
Words and music by Ted Caldwell, Centre College Class of 1917.
For the Gold and White
We'll always Fight, Fight, Fight,
We'll make our line bucks raise the score.
We'll bite 'em on the elbows, kick 'em on the shins,
Until they want to fight no more.
On every battlefield we'll see Old Centre's shield
And we will know she's doing well.
We'll holler team, team, team
Keep up the steam, steam, steam,
Old Centre. Give 'em hell!