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John C. Young's Children

John C. Young was married twice and had ten children, four by his first wife and six by his second. All attended either Centre College or Caldwell College.

In 1829 Young married Frances Breckinridge. Frances died on November 2, 1837. They had four daughters: Mary, Caroline Josephine, Jane Elizabeth Ramsey, and Frances Breckinridge. Mary and Caroline attended Centre College and completed the degree requirements in 1849; Jane and Frances did the same in 1851. However, none were awarded a degree at that time. It was not until after their step-brother, William C. Young, became President of Centre that the Board of Trustees on 1891 officially awarded the three surviving daughters their B.A. degrees.

b. July 22, 1831Mary YoungCentre Class of 1849
b. October 21, 1833Caroline Josephine YoungCentre Class of 1849
b. June 17, 1835Jane Elizabeth Ramsey YoungCentre Class of 1851
b. October 25, 1837Frances Breckinridge YoungCentre Class of 1851

In 1839 Young married Cornelia Crittenden. The six children from his second marriage were John Crittenden Young, William Clarke Young, George Clarke Young, Eugenia Young, Zillah Young, and Sallie Lee Young.

1841-1885John Crittenden YoungCentre Class of 1857
1842-1896William Clarke YoungCentre Class of 1859
b. September 12, 1844Eugenia YoungCaldwell College Class of 1862
b. February 17, 1846Zillah YoungCaldwell College Class of 1862
1847-1927Sarah Lee Younglisted as a student at Caldwell College in the 1862-63 catalog
received degree of Doctor of Literature from Centre in 1919
1849-1875George Clarke YoungCentre Class of 1868