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Centre College - Corporate Names

Centre College of Kentucky (1819-1901) - the original 1819 charter gave the new institution the corporate name of Centre College of Kentucky, although it was commonly referred to as Centre College. The name comes from its location in the center of the state, although why the English spelling "Centre" was used instead of the American "Center" is unclear.

Central University of Kentucky (1901-1918) -- the new institution formed by the 1901 consolidation of Centre College and Central University was given the corporate name of Central University of Kentucky, with Centre College being the undergraduate college of arts and sciences.

Centre College of Kentucky (1918-) - by 1918 all the affiliated institutions of Central University of Kentucky had either ceased to exist or been transferred to other controlling bodies, and all that remained was Centre College. The charter was amended to change the corporate name back to Centre College of Kentucky.

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