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Centre College Courant (1879-1880)

Published by the literary societies, the Centre College Courant first appeared in March 1879. The initial issue states that the purpose of the publication is to make it "a true exponent of the opinions of the students on matters pertaining to the College, a promoter of public spirit among them, and especially a record of all events of interest that may occur at and about the College." The editors go on to say that "we intend to give free expression to our views on all matters in which the students are interested." Each issue included lively discussions of College events and happenings, humor, notes on alumni, an occassional literary essay, advertising from local merchants, and news from other colleges. The publication ceased after ten issues in February, 1880. The Courant may not have enjoyed the faculty support of its predecessor, the Centre College Magazine. In the first issue the editors mention the fear by some faculty members that the publication would engage in "personalities", and in its last issue there is included, in a list of the magazine's problems, the lament that "the faculty, if not openly hostile, is (what is probably worse) indifferent to the extreme".