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Old Danville High SchoolOld Danville High School

The Old Danville High School was first occupied in March 1918, and last used by the Danville school system in 1963. Financed by a $60,000 bond, construction began in 1917. The school incorporated the Tulsa design in which classrooms and corridors surrounded two large central areas, an auditorium and stage/gymnasium. In 1924 an annex (East Hall) was built which included a gymnasium and six classrooms. Centre College acquired the two buildings in 1960 when it sold the old Kentucky College for Women's campus to the Danville school board for $100,000 and the high school buildings and property. In the transacton the college reacquired the Centre Preparatory school site which it had sold to the Danville school board in 1918. Most of the KCW buildings were demolished to create space for construction of a new high school. After the closing of the old high school, Centre used the buildings for classroom and faculty office space, and the annex for women's physical education. The old high school was demolished in January 1971 and the Norton Center for the Arts constructed on the site.