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Boyle-Humphrey GymnasiumBoyle-Humphrey Alumni Gymnasium

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Boyle-Humphrey Alumni Gymnasiun was built on the site of today's Sutcliffe Hall to replace the Old Boyle-Humphrey Gymnasium. Dedicated in June 1914, tragedy struck only a few months later when on November 23, 1914, a fire completely gutted the new building along with the attached vacant Sayre Library. Alumni and students rushed to raise money to rebuild the gymnasium, and by the opening of school in 1915 the building, renamed the Boyle-Humphrey Alumni Gymnasium, was ready for use. The basement included lockers and dressing rooms, plus a space reserved for a swimming pool that was never added. The second floor contained the gymnasium and student center. The gymnasium floor was 55 by 80 feet, providing what was then considered ample space for basketball, indoor baseball, volleyball, and other indoor games. A running track, supported from the wall by steel beams, circled the gymnasium. On March 3-4, 1916, the first Kentucky state high school basketball tournament, won by Henderson High School, was held in the gym. A gymnasium/auditorium addition was added to the back of the building in 1950, named Alumni Memorial Building; the old gym was then used as an auxillary gym. In 1961 an extensive renovation was completed, and the building took on a new life as Sutcliffe Hall. Most of the original 1915 structure of Boyle-Humphrey was demolished as part of the 2004-2005 renovation and expansion of Sutcliffe Hall.