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Old Boyle-Humphrey GymnasiumOld Boyle-Humphrey Gymnasium

Date Built: 1890

Cost: $12,000

Named For: Alexander P. Humphrey and John Boyle

Old Boyle-Humphrey Gymnasium opened in the fall of 1892, and was named in honor of Alexander P. Humphrey, Class of 1866, and John Boyle, long-time Centre trustee, who both contributed the greater part of the fund for building the gymnasium. The building included a large room for athletic exercises and gymnastics, reception rooms, two "regular" bath rooms, a shower bath room, and a three-lane bowling alley. There was no basketball court, for the first Centre College basketball team would not be formed until 1905. In 1902 the college denied a request by "ladies" (probably Caldwell College students) to use the gym. By 1912 alumni had raised money for the construction of a new gymnasium (Boyle-Humphrey Alumni Gymnasium) that would include a basketball court. On April 1, 1912, the building burned, and was then completely demolished to make room for construction of the new Carnegie Library